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Promote Engagement!

Promote the work of your school and encourage pupils, parents and other stakeholders to comment in a safe and moderated environment.


Our blog sites are based on the leading blogging platform, WordPress, giving you access to an extensive range or addons and functionality.


Our experience is rooted in primary education and we have finely tuned our products to meet the demands and requirements of both staff and senior leaders.

About Blog-Pages.co.uk

Blogging is an ideal platform for promoting the school curriculum and engaging pupils, parents and other stakeholders in the wider work of the school. Self-hosted blogs also provide a powerful tool for evidencing your school’s work across a range of customisable areas, minimising the school’s work in producing onerous portfolios so often kept in dark cupboards within the school.

At Blog-Pages we offer a professional service providing school blogs that work for you. Our approach to creating school blogs is based on our in depth knowledge of the needs and requirements of staff and senior leaders in the primary school sector. Take a look at a sample of our work by using the link above.

What our clients say...

Below is a sample of the primary schools we have worked with recently!
Heap Bridge Primary School

Heap Bridge Primary School

"We had over 4000 comments on our school blog last year. This is a great way to evidence the excellent level of pupil and parent engagement at our school!"

Harwood Park Primary School

Harwood Park Primary School

Our new blog site is looking great...

St Luke's Heywood

St Luke's Heywood

We are thrilled with our new blogging site. Blog-Pages have primary schools at the heart of everything they do. Thank you!

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