Basic Price Plan:

Hosting: (optional)  – £299 per annum (all our sites are hosted locally with Zen internet)

Basic technical support (optional) – £299 per annum

  • applying ongoing WordPress, plugin and template updates
  • ad hoc phone/email troubleshooting support where needed
  • annual update of class/user information

Theming and blog setup – £949

  • customising of template with school colours & selection of images
  • creation of main menu items (agreed with school)
  • set-up of post categories
  • set-up of initial users (up to 20 people)
  • installation of key plugins to ensure core functionality
  • integration with school Twitter feed (where required)
  • staff training session 1hr 30 min – ideal for a staff meeting or SLT train the trainer session

Additional Options:

Following the initial consultation, schools may design a bespoke package of plugins and or design features which we will be happy to cost for separately.

Blog Security:

Security is not an absolute, it’s a continuous process and should be managed as such. Security is about risk reduction, not risk elimination, and risk will never be zero. It’s about employing the appropriate security controls that best help address the risks and threats as they pertain to your website. At we take responsible precautions to maintain the security of our sites including; ensuring the core WordPress installation, plugins and templates are updated (see ‘Basic technical support’ option above) as updates become available, making monthly backups (managed by Zen internet) of your installation to minimise loss of content in a worst case scenario and limiting the number of third party plugins we use on our sites. We will be happy to discuss security further during our initial consultation.